May 14, 2024 - By: Brandon Jenkins

Author, Brandon Jenkins. Blueprint coach. Blueprint to Happiness.

Ever question the endless chase for promotions and raises?

Another day at the office:

  • Same routine
  • Same goals
  • Same feeling of going in circles

This cycle can be hypnotizing, leaving us wondering why we’re even on this treadmill.

Constantly chasing a future that always seems just out of reach.

Isn’t it time to ask ourselves: what is all this for, and why can’t I live the life I want right now?

You have all you need inside you.

There’s a lot of talk in my circles about the need to break away from W2 jobs to find happiness.

It’s not a one-size-fits-all solution.

We can learn so much from our W2 jobs.

Indeed, many of us can fulfill our Blueprints within a W2 role.

The magic is in making connections across all aspects of life.

  • What lessons from my W2 job can I bring into my personal life and hobbies?
  • How can my side hustle skills boost my performance in my W2 role?
  • How can I ensure all these align with my Blueprint?

The key is discovering the synergy between our professional roles, personal development, and passions.

The Blueprint is a tool that helps make this possible. It’s your Blueprint, and it’s waiting to be uncovered.

Who else loves their W2 job, and what insights from it are you applying to your personal life and side businesses?

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