June 1, 2024 - By: Brandon Jenkins

Basketball player practicing alone. Author Brandon Jenkins writes about staying resilient.

Ever wondered how you can stay resilient when faced with challenges?

Mental rehearsal isn’t just for athletes.

It’s a powerful tool that prepares us for planned scenarios and the unexpected twists life throws our way.

By envisioning various outcomes, we ready ourselves for whatever comes.

The Blueprint Process is similar.

It’s like mentally rehearsing what matters most:

  • Your core values
  • Passions
  • Skills
  • & Purpose

When you’re clear on these, decision-making becomes a reflection of your true self.

Imagine having a visual representation of your deepest convictions.

How would this clarity change the way you navigate decisions?

When decision time arrives, how aligned will your choices be with what you truly want to achieve?

Engaging in this inner work empowers you to act intentionally, not reactively. To be resilient.

How might uncovering your Blueprint transform your approach to challenges and decisions in your life?

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