November 10, 2023 - By: Brandon Jenkins

A basketball with flames in front of a dark arena. Player. Team. Teamwork.

What happens when your default ‘player’ is the wrong one for the game? Here’s a lesson I learned.

About three months ago, I faced an unavoidable interpersonal conflict.

My initial instinct was to resolve the situation by restoring harmony-a huge part of my Blueprint.

Upon reflection, I realized there were other players to consider:

  • Assessment
  • Getting to the core

In this instance, Harmony was being directly assaulted, while these other players were being under-utilized.

So, I made a strategic substitution:

  1. I adjusted my thinking.
  2. I critically analyzed the situation.
  3. I concluded that compromising for the sake of Harmony was not the best course of action.

While there’s more nuance to it, that’s the essence.

The ability to objectively assess our beliefs—to determine which are true and which are holding us back—is the key to growth.

What challenging situations are you currently facing that could benefit from a strategic “player” adjustment?

Do you know who your “players” are?

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