October 27, 2023 - By: Brandon Jenkins

Photo of book titled "Changing on the Job"

Want to evolve your thinking to meet tomorrow’s leadership challenges? Keep reading.

I recently finished “Changing on the Job” by Jennifer Garvey Berger.

The concept of vertical development, helping leaders evolve their meaning-making systems to better lead in complexity, fascinates me.

This quote from the book resonates deeply:

“The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.” – Albert Einstein

As you progress in an organization (or your own business) you gain more leadership authority and responsibility.

With that comes increasingly complex problems, problems that often lack clear-cut answers.

Horizontal development, or the acquisition of new:

  • Skills
  • Tools
  • Processes

Won’t suffice for thriving in these complex environments.

Instead, leading in complexity requires:

  • Adopting new ways of thinking
  • Embracing diverse perspectives
  • Becoming comfortable holding conflicting views simultaneously

This book earned a spot on my list because it aligns with my current growth goal of developing as a leader and coach.

Be ready for the leadership challenges coming your way.

What are you currently reading? And how does your reading align with your growth goals?

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